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How Chaturbate works

work on chaturbate Chaturbate is one of the webcam sites that pays the best models and with which it is easier to obtain a good income. But to do so, you must understand how it works, which differs a bit from other webcam sites.

How Chaturbate works step by step

If you don't know how to register on Chaturbate, take a look at our guide to register step by step.

On Chaturbate, as on most reputable webcam sites, payments are made twice a month. Each month is divided into 2 parts or periods. The first part runs from the 1st to the 15th and the second from the 16th until the end of the month. Once these periods end, there is a delay of up to 7 days until payments are made. That is, what you have earned from 1 to 15, you will be paid in the week that goes from 16 to 22.

In order to receive payments to your FirstChoicePay account, it is mandatory to convert them to real money before payments are made. The earnings in Chaturbate, as in many other pages of the theme, are obtained in tokens, which are like tokens with a pre-established monetary value. In this case, each token has a value of 5 dollar cents.

How much are tokens worth on Chaturbate

We have already said that a token is 5 cents on a dollar. Here's how much larger amounts equal.

20 tokens = $ 1;
100 tokens = $ 5;
500 tokens = $ 25;
1000 tokens = $ 50;
10,000 tokens = $ 500;

This is how payments are on Chaturbate

Let's see an example:

If during the period from 1 to 15 of the current month you have won 10,000 tokens (500 dollars), you must convert them to real money, in this case dollars, using the corresponding option in your user panel. Click on "Broadcast yourself" and then on the "Token stats" tab at the bottom. There you will see the conversion options. Chaturbate allows you to make payments in several ways: FirstChoicePay, Paxum, Check, Bank Transfer (subject to commissions) and Direct Deposit (Only in the USA). Paxum and FirstChoicePay are virtual wallets and if you live outside the USA we strongly recommend that you use FirstChoicePay, as it is the one with the lowest commissions and the best performance. If you live in the USA, we recommend the direct deposit option.

Once you have converted your winnings to real money, they will be transferred to your chosen payment method when it is time to make payments. If you have chosen FirstChoicePay as your payment method, you will receive an email, both from FirstChoicePay and Chaturbate, advising you that your payment is ready to be made and you will have to choose which transfer method you want. The fast method will charge you a commission of 5 dollars and you will have the funds transferred to your account immediately. The slow option will take a couple of days to complete.

Cast on Chaturbate

Once you have the payment theme configured, you should start issuing. Remember that you must send the necessary documentation to verify your age and earn money. People who do not verify their age are identified as "Exhibitionist" or exhibitionist, and can broadcast, but cannot receive tokens from viewers. Therefore, you must verify your age as soon as possible. Once you have done this, you will be a "Chaturbator" which is the state that identifies those who have proven to be of legal age.

Set up your channel

To have a personalized channel, you must choose the Apps and Bots you want from the corresponding tab in the menu at the bottom. Apps in Chaturbate are, as their name suggests, applications or programs in charge of giving your channel a personal touch. With them you can play a variety of games with your viewers, announce a future private show that can only be accessed with a password, upon payment of a "ticket" ... in short, the possibilities are very varied. Each app has a configuration area that you must fill in properly so that it works properly.

Bots are the complement of apps. They are small programs that automate certain actions such as hiding obscene language, demands or demands from viewers and that kind of thing that can be annoying. There are also bots to show messages from time to time with information that you consider important for your channel, such as what you are willing to do or not, the tokens that you request to perform a certain act, and so on. You have it all in the "Apps & Bots" tab. You can choose an App and up to 3 bots simultaneously and although its use is not mandatory, it is recommended.

Each App and Bot has a counter in the upper right corner highlighted in red, yellow or green depending on its popularity. If you do not want to complicate your life, use the ones that appear in green, since they are the ones that enjoy the most popularity.

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I am interested in belonging but I have three doubts
Is there any vulnerability for them to track the IP of the source computer?
Once inside, is there a community for help or support?
I appreciate your cooperation in advance

Hello, my question is regarding the payment method. I am Argentine, but I have lived in Brazil for 1 year. I do not have my Brazilian documentation updated, and with the corona virus issue, everything is indefinitely stopped. So how can I get paid? By bank deposits? In hand? Is there an office or physical chaturbate location in Brazil? Can I in any case use the bank account of a Brazilian friend to receive my payments? I do not have, nor use, nor want to use a credit card, I would do everything possible to avoid it. I appreciate the information. Salu2

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can I transmit without showing my face?

I have a question, so far I know that if you want to transmit with someone else you also need their data to verify the account, but what if I want to transmit with a girl once, the second a different one and etc. etc.??

Hello, how about a question, if in case I want to record accompanied, is there a limit of people with whom I can transmit on different occasions? I mean that if in the first transmission I can transmit with a girl, in the second with a different one, and so on ... I would greatly appreciate your answer, thank you ... and if not, how can I get in touch with technical assistance?

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Good morning I have two chaturbate questions first, how do I convert my account into a study and second, I already registered my account, it is already approved but I do not know how to start transmitting, the only thing that needs to be confirmed is the means of payment since the card is in process. I want to help this is my email [email protected]

Good morning I have two questions, first, how do I convert my account into a study, and second, did you register my account, it is already approved, but I don't know how to start transmitting, the only thing that needs to be confirmed is the means of payment since the card is in process

Where are you from? Any girl from Buenos Aires?

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Hi Rebe, what do you need to know? I will help you

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Hello, I am from Venezuela and the Payoneer card does not arrive, can I use my partner's foreign account?

Excellent information

Hello, how do I register, he does not let me access, the other I have a good market but I am already mature I can participate to earn money I have a lot of creativity for sexual fantasies and I am ready for anything

Hello, I just created my account yesterday on chaturbate but I don't know how to follow, you know?

Where are you from?

Hello, I want to know how I can work by video chat, I am an Escort girl, I only serve foreign men

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My question is the following, I want to do live shows, but I want to cover that broadcast to the people of my country, in case my father, mother or grandfather saw me. Then it could be broadcast to everyone except in my country? ¿? ¿?

Magic camila

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hello how do i work with you

You can work your single friend, you only need to register and send your information, choose the payment method that suits you best

Hello, where are you from?

Any girl in Cali California who wants to be a webcam model as a couple, I'm available

Hello, I need you to help me with a question, how do I appear on the main screens because I do not appear in any or #bbw # 18 in any other, please help me

you need to have many people watching and for that you need to have many followers

Hello if you are already old and everything should appear on your screen looking for your name.

Hello, good morning, I'm from California, my question is, you have to create a payment account for each user or it can be a single account for several, I already created my account and it was accepted in which bank is the withdrawal of that money made with the credit card payoner. Do you have to create a user for each model?

Hello, I would like to know if chaturbate also has the blocking of your country of origin like other pages of this same type of work

If you have it

How do I work with you? Greetings, I am already registered on the page

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, I don't know if you could help me, I want to work on the chaturbate account, but I don't know what type of card to get to get paid, they are from the state of Texas.

You can opt for the card that was previously called payoneer and is now first choice pay. If you need help just answer here.

Hello, I am looking for a partner (woman) in the area of ​​California (bucaramanga) to work, interested please communicate

I want to work with you but I have not been able to create the page I do not know why it does not give me

What steps did you manage to complete?

Good night, I would like to know how I can transfer the chaturbate kotens from one account to another since I made an account change thanks

Good afternoon to everyone from Venezuela. Who will be kind enough to help me in, how do I work in this medium? I am interested and things in my country are difficult to afford economically. I graduated as a lawyer but even for professionals things are not easy to handle. I look forward to your support in helping me update my account that I already opened through "CHATURBATE". Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Here I leave my email: [email protected] in private I will be able to provide my mobile number

I want to know how I can upload the identification photos if I have sent them twice and they have been rejected. I need a prompt reply as it is the first time and I need to work. Thanks a lot.

you can only in the morning

Please someone help me which page should I enter to get the payoner card as requested

I want to know how I can get the payoner card, what do I do on the page I go to get it?

Hello, my concern is why the tokens of private messages are not registered in my profile, thanks

Hello, my concern is why they do not record the tokens that they give in private messages, thank you

Hello, I'm from Spain, how can I make money with my partner, I have doubts about how to transform the tokens into real money and how it works

How can I earn money in chaturbat ??? ¨ I am already a member and transmitted

I'm looking for a girl to have fun and try a while if you earn money

Hello, good night, I am interested in working with my husband. I would like to know how much you earn for playing, thank you

I am Peruvian nationality I am 22 I am a student

and if we make videos as a couple to earn more money ...

Hello I live in Chile and I would like to earn extra money with chaturbate.
Can someone help me how to do it to earn money ..
I would appreciate your information

I would like you to send me to my email about the more detailed way to work in CHATURBATE

Hi, I'm from Mallorca and I'm looking for girls who like this as much as I do to broadcast on chaturbate and earn money doing what we like. I have a good site and all the resources to get started, but the girls that I found are very inexperienced and with lack of fluency.
If there is someone who wants to sign up, we can start making money every day at any time.
Contact me at [email protected]

Hello girls I am new I would like to know how to place the ads in my account since I work from home thanks

I am looking for a girl to transmit by chaturbate preferably between 18 and 30 years old in Guadalajara, Mexico, I am 18 years old, contact me [email protected] or [email protected]

Hello I wanted to know how to start working in chaturbate I am very interested in the work

Hello! I've been doing some research on the Payoneer card and on a blog I saw that the card takes two months to arrive! And if I want it to arrive earlier, I have to call Payoneer USA and pay for the shipment with DHL of $ 80 dollars so that it arrives in 8 days. Is this true? if true, is there a faster way to access my income? I can't wait two months without having money because I have expenses to pay. I live in Mexico.
Thank you very much for your answer 😀

How do I get it to come out in Spanish?

Hello, I already have an account on chaturbate, I have doubts about how to transmit and the most important issue, how to make the payments arrive, I would like to communicate with an administrator, thank you

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Good night I have problems using my tokens, could someone tell me what to do, they tell me that they cannot reply to my email thanks

Could you tell me how chaturbate works to be able to go out on camera I'm new to this

hello can someone help me for confirmation

I want that job

Hello, I have no experience but I really want to work. Is there any induction or accompaniment at the beginning (for example with the applications, how to block my country and how to start in general) or should I fix it myself?

Hello, could you help me to enter your echipo

I am interested in how I can start working from home

I want to work from home, please help me, thank you

Hello, my partner and I started broadcasting today and we were doing very well, many of the users wanted us to do a private show and they sent us the option, but the truth is that we could never start so we clicked on the option, could you please explain us how to achieve it, thank you.

Hi, I'm interested in working with you but I'm chubby, is there a problem with it?

Can the broadcast be restricted in your country of residence?

in your profile (edit profile) you get 2 list of countries and next to it an empty box you just have to repect the country that you do not want me to see and they will already be blocked for your safety

Hello, I already signed up but I need help setting up payments and account

Hello !
I have a question about private. What do I have to press apart from password for each client to start earning tokens with prive ??? Because when I'm in private chat I don't win anything. Sure, I have to press something else and I can't find any information.

hello we registered now but I don't know if we can start we also registered in payoneer but no nap confirmed and everything,

hello we registered now but I don't know if we can start we also registered in payoneer but no nap confirmed and everything,

I would love to be part of your agency, what do I have to do?

You just enter and register, you must upload a photo of your identity card and another of your identity card next to your face, enter the most comfortable form of payment for you and then start broadcasting as soon as they confirm that you are older than age

My name is Halima and I want to earn a deniro

I want fast money for sex

Hello, we are a couple with good prezencia and willing to work, please contact us, greetings.

Is it normal that at first it is difficult? that users enter and leave, how many hours do you recommend entering to get followers?

In general, the first week is difficult, you never block gray users since, like the models, there are many new ones who can be donors, if you have a trusted user, use them as a moderator, as long as they have criteria or only for that users leave your room forever

Hello! I am interested in signing part of this video chat. If it were possible for them to contact us as soon as possible. Thank you

I'm interested in this

I want you to contact me and explain to me to start working from my home

I want to work sex right now

How do I prevent Models from entering my room ???
I mean, your gender is prohibited ...

You cannot block users by gender, only by country and individually

I need to learn how to use each of the applications and bots well to earn more tokens.
I hope you can answer me urgently this

hello I have a good appearance I want to work as a webc model

I want to work as a webc model I am a 25 year old girl good appearance

How do I check my age to earn tokens?

In your biography, it tells you to check your age and you must send 2 photos, one of your identity card and another of your face with your identity card next to it, they should not be blurred photos, then you wait for confirmation from chaturbate that usually It is only a couple of hours and you will receive an email to let you know that you can now transmit

I'm interested

Hello I would like to have information since we want to work with my wife

I'm interested, but there is no way to communicate directly with administrators, for security

We have responded by email.

Hello, I already work in chaturbate but through an agency and they take 40% from me and the truth is not going very well with my partner and we want to work directly to earn the real of tokens, I would like to know what I have to do. Thanks a lot

How did you manage to work through the agency?

Hello, good could you give me an email to contact, I had the one from Lucía.chaturbate who always answered me well and at the moment but suddenly he stopped communicating with me and we have left the entire process halfway thank you very much.

I'm interested

No, anyone can issue. Go ahead and try.

Hi I'm interested

You can only on the weekend but it is not at my house

It is only driven at home and can be done on weekends

kisses baby

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