5,000-year-old jewelry factory discovered at Indus Valley site in Haryana Rakhi Garhi

ASI has uncovered a 5,000-year-old jewelry factory in Rakhi Garhi in Haryana in one of its biggest finds to date.

5000 year old jewelry factory found at Rakhi Garhi in Hisar. (Photo: India Today/Varun Sinha)

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which has been working in Rakhi Garhi in Haryana for 32 years, has made one of its biggest discoveries to date with the excavation of a 5000-year-old jewelry factory. years.

Rakhi Garhi is a village and one of the oldest archaeological sites belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization in Hisar district of Haryana.

The structure of some houses, a kitchen complex and a 5,000-year-old jewelry factory have been uncovered, showing that the site must have been a very important trading center. Copper and gold jewelry was also found that had been hidden for thousands of years.

Like Sinauli in Uttar Pradesh – which has drawn attention for its Bronze Age solid-disc wheeled carts found in 2018, which have been interpreted by some as horse-drawn ‘chariots’ – cemeteries were found in the dig sites which archaeologists say explain that civilization believed in life after death.

ASI has made many discoveries in the past two months in Rakhi Garhi, indicating that the civilization is steadily advancing towards development.

Thousands of earthen pots, royal seals and children’s toys were also discovered.

Dr Sanjay Manjul, Additional Managing Director (ADG), ASI, said: “We have done a lot of work on Sinauli, Hastinapur and Rakhigarhi over the past 20 years. You can say that the people of Rakhigarhi were the ancestors of the people of Hastinapur and the culture developed and accelerated.”