Film-Ocean inaugurates its new site in Ellon

Construction workers have opened a new, specially designed facility in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, for submarine contractor Film-Ocean.

Custom development is expected to be completed in late summer 2022, the company announced on January 10.

Film-Ocean is a subsidiary of the Italian multinational oil services company Saipem.

It provides vehicle inspection and response services to the global offshore energy industry using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

The company said it was making a “significant” investment in Ellon, but declined to say how much.

Film-Ocean added that its new building in the industrial area of ​​Balmacassie would meet the “demands and needs of the business” and its employees, with modern office, meeting and conference facilities, as it grows. his growth.

The company currently occupies a building elsewhere on the estate, which also houses craft beer maker BrewDog, and it said it was quickly running out of space.

Scott Jenney, Managing Director of Film-Ocean, said: “2021 has been an extremely busy year.

“Our growth has allowed us to introduce several new positions within the company – it’s great to be able to welcome new, very talented coworkers to the team.

“Recent investments have enabled us to further support our clients.

“For example, adding larger ROV and work class assets has allowed us to significantly expand our capabilities and deliver on scopes of work that we would not have been able to support before.

“As we approach the capacity of our current site in Ellon, we look forward to the development and completion of our new facilities later this year. “

Mr Jenny said the new building and its “modern and well-designed bespoke IT facilities and infrastructure” would help bring employees together to collaborate, create and be innovative.

He added: “This will also ensure that our fleet of ROV assets is maintained and tested to the highest possible standards.

“The additional capacity also allows us to develop and implement our remote operations support service, which will provide increased efficiency and benefits to our customers. “

A key component of the new test facilities being established is a 176.5 cubic foot test tank, with a flow generator to simulate underground currents, and an overhead crane to enable wet testing of ROVs and tools.

The new building will also include an observation platform for visitors, inspection areas, technical audit facilities and a dedicated control room to support remote inspection and ROV operations.

Film-Ocean said it continues to invest “significantly” in expanding its ROV fleet.

Recent additions include a Schilling heavy duty work class ROV and a Quasar 150HP SMD work class ROV.

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