GoFundMe site raises funds for Jim Paisley of Bellevue | Community

Friends and family of Bellevue musician and bread maker Jim Paisley are raising funds through a GoFundMe site after father and grandfather were recently diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.

“Jimbo is all the Wood River Valley breathes – an empathetic father with an artistic entrepreneurial spirit running through his veins,” said a group called the Jimmy Love Crew, which organized the fundraising site. .

A staple of the community for 40 years, he is often seen taking trips in jeans through the endless trails of the valley and perfecting his unicycle from Bellevue to Ketchum, while never being too busy for a friendly chat or just a flash of his sweet, simple smile. He’s always characterized the ideal that it’s not about the destination, but the journey, “they wrote.

Paisley was diagnosed with an inoperable, advanced and aggressive form of brain cancer.

“The diagnosis was swift and the prognosis heartbreaking,” says the Jimmy Love Crew. “To that end, our only goal is to make him as comfortable as possible in a calm and loving environment, the type he has always created for his family.”

The funding will be used for full-time professional health care, in addition to trips to Twin Falls for treatment and other medical expenses that go beyond insurance, said Mary Tyson, Paisley’s wife, at the Express.

As of Thursday, the GoFundMe site has raised nearly $ 40,000 from hundreds of donors.