Linglong says Zrenjanin is ‘the most tightly controlled construction site in Serbia’

Zrenjanin, Serbia – Linglong International Europe has renewed its commitment to the environment and local growth in Serbia after EU authorities raised concerns about the management of its project to establish a important tire factory in this country.

In a statement, Linglong said Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović visited the construction site in Zrenjanin on December 24, together with local mayor Sim Salapur.

“After the control, [Momirović] expressed appreciation for Linglong’s project management and mentioned that 30 regular site inspections and 20 special site inspections have been conducted at Linglong Europe so far,” the tire manufacturer reported.

“The results showed that it was the most tightly controlled construction site in Serbia,” added the press release published on December 28.

Two weeks earlier, the European Parliament released a document alleging breaches of environmental regulations as well as illegal and unsafe conditions for foreign construction workers at the Zrenjanin site.

Linglong, however, said that during his visit, the minister was “satisfied with Lingong Europe’s compliance with Serbian laws and regulations, and fully confident in jointly promoting Linglong Europe’s long-term development.”

The tire maker added that it has “always adhered to the idea of ​​sustainable development and widely used the concept of green and low-carbon in the design of the project”.

The Chinese tire maker has announced plans to build the 863 million euro production plant in northern Serbia in 2018.

The Serbian plant is expected to produce 13.62 million radial tires per year: 12 million units of passenger car tyres, 1.6 million units of truck and bus tires as well as 20,000 off-road tyres.