Mobile and On-Premises Data Analytics Software Suite Brings Better Visibility to Envirotech Online Smart Water Utilities

Lighthouse® Wireless data reading and real-time data analysis technology enables mobile and on-site reading of water consumption data by smartphone, tablet or laptop. Lighthouse® Advanced Measurement Analysis (AMA) of Badger meter highlights a new level of information optimizing utility.

tag® AMA analysis software combined with proven Orion software® AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology not only provides intuitive software for meter analysis, but also greater visibility and control over utility management.

Orion® Cellular Termination Point is an innovative two-way water termination point that utilizes existing cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver meter reading data to the utility through the reliable cellular network. In combination with a high-resolution Badger Meter encoder, the ORION® The cellular endpoint is compatible with all current Badger Meter E-Series® ultrasonic flowmeters. Ultrasonic water meters can measure the exact volume of water used. The meters have no moving parts, which ensures accuracy throughout the life of the meters. Thanks to an internal battery, the meters can operate for 20 years.

With tools beyond meter reading and network management, Beacon® AMA software not only offers targeted advanced count analytics but also easy to use utility data tools including consumer engagement website and smartphone / tablet apps (apps), which provide water information to utilities and their customers in a secure manner. hosted solution.

The advantages of Beacon® AMA includes faster leak detection, revenue management, water conservation clarity and easier data collection for compliance reporting – but also customizable dashboards, the ability to set Unique alert conditions, consumer engagement tools (website and smartphone / tablet app), automatic software upgrades, and integration into existing utility systems.

With the tag® AMA software suite, utility customers have the ability to access and view their water data to manage their own usage patterns and consumption rates. EyeOnWater® Online is a consumer engagement website that provides utility customers with easy-to-understand consumption graphs of their water use profiles.

In addition, the EyeOnWater® The app allows customers to view EyeOnWater data® Online on their smartphone or tablet. In this way, alerts, notifications and water consumption are easily and easily available at any time on mobile devices.