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We now know that the federal infrastructure bill includes roughly $ 6 billion that should be directed to West Virginia for work on roads, bridges, broadband… actual infrastructure. But that’s a lot of money to throw away in a state that at one point had a certain reputation for, well, let’s call it lax oversight.

Not now. Despite the occasional revelation of a municipality spending badly on federal flood aid money, for example, in general our reputation has improved a lot. Using tools like those showcased by State Auditor JB McCuskey, anyone can get a clearer picture of how OUR money is being spent.

McCuskey’s office updates the West Virginia Checkbook website to keep track of all those billions of cash flow and expenses.

“We have the West Virginia Checkbook,, and on this site we’ll have a tab specified that we’ll give every taxpayer, every decision-maker, every elected official, real-time access to how that money is being spent. so that they can hold our elected officials to account ”, McCuskey told another outlet.

Good. If it was too tempting for some officials to fall back into their old ways, they should get caught pretty quickly. Hopefully, of course, such a thing doesn’t happen, and every penny of taxpayer dollars sent to improve Mountain State’s infrastructure really does.

But West Virginia Checkbook’s transparency makes this more likely. Kudos to those who worked quickly to give West Virginia a window on infrastructure spending as well.

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