Simplified Chrome settings will allow you to delete site data

Google is changing settings in Chrome that make it easier for users to delete data stored by sites. At the same time, the Google browser moves the possibility of deleting individual cookies in DevTools.

Starting with the beta version of Chrome 97, the privacy and security settings page will allow you to “delete all data stored by an individual site” from:

chrome: // settings / content / all Where Settings> Privacy and security> Site settings> View permissions and data stored in files

Google removes the ability to delete individual cookies from chrome: // settings / siteData (or Settings> Privacy and security> Cookies and other site data> See all cookies and site data). However, the underlying capacity will remain “accessible to developers, the intended audience for this level of granularity, in DevTools.”

Developers can visit DevTools to continue to access more technical details on a per-cookie or per-store level as needed.

Last settings compared to the settings that will be deleted

The company says this change translates to a “cleaner experience for users” and more reflective of what you’ve likely visited settings to do. It also reduces the likelihood of unintentionally breaking a site:

By offering users the option to delete individual cookies, they may accidentally alter the site’s implementation details and potentially sever their experience on this site, which can be difficult to predict. Even more competent users run the risk of compromising part of the protection of their privacy by mistakenly assuming the purpose of a cookie.

This change will be followed by Chrome removing this feature from the page information in the Omnibox to “keep all granular controls over cookies in DevTools”.

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