Stratford District Council launches consultation on its revised Site Allotment Plan (SAP)

EARLIER last week, Stratford District Council launched a consultation on its revised Site Allocation Plan (SAP), a nearly 200-page document.

Delve into the details and what you will find are a series of plots of land that are being considered for development, many for homes but some for business, education and infrastructure projects.

In short, the SAP, when passed, will help maintain the supply of housing land across the district until South Warwickshire’s new local plan is in place. There is a need, according to the council, to address issues and challenges not covered by its core strategy, which was adopted in 2016.

These challenges include ensuring that there are alternative development sites available – known as set aside sites – in case a planned development does not occur or the housing needs of the neighborhood change.

The District’s baseline strategy commits the area to building a minimum of 14,600 homes through 2031 – considering that number began in 2011. The current trajectory estimates that around 16,000 homes could be delivered in the district. by 2031. It is therefore likely that the reserve sites for housing will not be needed as the SDC expects to be above its minimum target.

A fly in the ointment could be Long Marston airfield where 3,500 homes are planned. However, planning conditions prevent all of these homes from being occupied prior to construction of the South West Relief Road (SWRR) and funding is not in place for this major infrastructure.

This number had been limited to 400 homes depending on the capacity of the local road network, including capacity from Clopton Bridge to Stratford. But SAP says: “The most recent transport assessment undertaken to inform the preparation of this version of the site allocation plan confirms that there is additional capacity within the road network to allow for further development of approximately 750 accommodations south of Stratford in advance. of the SWRR under construction.

And he adds: ‘The board considers that the bulk of this spare capacity should be allocated to Long Marston airfield rather than other spare sites.’

The council has other land pressures, including contributing to housing supply for Birmingham, which is short by more than 6,200 homes until 2031.

Stratford must play its part – along with many other local authorities – to help bridge this gap and are offering to open up land for the development of 380 homes.

The sites would be mainly around Stratford:

  • Evesham Road, next to current Stratford West development – 88 houses
  • Shipston Road, near the Rosebird Center – 210 units
  • Alcester Road, opposite Brookside Road – 56 houses
  • Land would also be released west of Birmingham Road, Mappleborough Green for 25 houses.
  • Subject to infrastructure issues, 150 homes could also be built on Banbury Road, Stratford, next to the care home on the outskirts of town.
  • The SAP explains that if Birmingham were able to accommodate the houses, they would be built there and added: “As well as being the largest and most enduring settlement in the district, Stratford benefits from direct rail services to and from Birmingham and the Black Country. It is therefore a place of reception adapted to the needs of the agglomeration.
  • Some of the most important sites on the first tranche reserve list are:
  • Alcester: south of Allimore Lane (east) – 60 houses
  • Alcester: south of Allimore Lane (west) – 30 houses
  • Bidford: east of Jacksons Meadow – 40 houses
  • Clifford Chambers: east of Campden Road – 25 houses
  • Moreton Morrell: south of John Davis Drive – 20 houses
  • Quinton: east of Goose Land – 30 homes
  • Southam: west of Banbury Road – 75 houses
  • Southam: east of Banbury Road – 120 houses
  • Tiddington: south of Sid Courtney Road – 24 houses
  • Wellesbourne: east of Warwick Road – 25 houses
  • Long Marston Depot: west of Campden Road – 90 houses
  • The PAS also focuses on land development policies for businesses in an effort to help address “a shortage of available and affordable land for small businesses in the neighborhood.”
  • The SAP includes a number of specific site proposals for employment/commercial land, including:
  • Alcester Road, near the Wildmoor roundabout, where 23 hectares of land could be made available for the relocation of businesses from the canal district to Stratford as well as providing space for new businesses.
  • Atherstone Airfield, which could again be used to relocate businesses from Canal Quarter and other developments.
  • Shipston Road, Stratford, near the Rosebird Centre, could provide smaller units for start-ups as well as the relocation of Canal Quarter businesses.
  • The council’s Gateway project – the redevelopment of the land between Arden Street and Henley Street and the construction of a world-class Shakespeare Center – is also included. The scheme aims to improve parking (Windsor Street car park is to be replaced), replace the coach/coach station as well as improve the appearance of Greenhill Street.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon School is also mentioned, as Warwickshire County Council has warned that capacity for secondary education in Stratford needs to be reviewed. An expansion plan could see the school take over the land, currently used as a car park at neighboring Stratford College.

You can read the plan at where there is also a link to a feedback form. The deadline is July 29.